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EFADRIN is our buy-side SaaS platform. It sits at the heart of its customers’ front and middle office operations. It was born from the fact that every fund manager and family office creates and maintains a plethora of excel spreadsheets. Often these have been downloaded from other systems and then modified and then linked to real time data feeds using market data vendor add-ins. EFADRIN will take these spreadsheets and automate them for your team. We integrate directly with your prime broker collecting trade and custody data and help you reconcile it to your fund administrator on a daily or, more often, monthly basis. This reconciled trade data allows us to provide a shadow PMS from which we can help you track your ideas and target prices, analyze your performance, manage your risk better, and optimize your portfolio for enhanced performance.

Conversations with our customers often start with a particular problem spreadsheet. Maybe you have one which has some VBA code in it which was written by en employee who left and the code no longer works. Or you are in the process of putting together a new spreadsheet and it’s already taking you away from doing research and talking to brokers. And if you have analysts in your firm then for sure they have lots of spreadsheets which are hard to maintain. Now you have found the solution, it’s called EFADRIN.

End-to-end Investment Process

Every investment starts with an IDEA. EFADRIN begins its data capture & analysis at the idea generation stage of your investment process. Ideas are recorded in the system by your investment team when they are generated through a variety of user interfaces. Once an expected return has been calculated for the idea, this is also recorded in the system as a TARGET price and time frame. Ideas can be tagged with all attributes which are relevant to your specific investment process such as investment theme, strategy or framework allowing the platform to output performance and risk metrics a tailored to the needs of your team. EFADRIN also captures each TRADE, through direct integration with your prime broker and/or custodian, so it can track your portfolio as it evolves.

Data Acquisition

The foundation of good analysis is good data.

EFAdrin is built with a powerful “logic system” that validates all data it acquires in order to ensure correctness and consistency at all times.

Additionally, the data acquisition process is greatly simplified through integration with third party services, avoiding the need for multiple/ manual entries and the risk of errors that this incurs.

Whether you are using an off-the-shelf software solution to manage your orders and trades or you are doing it in a spreadsheet, EFAdrin will help you acquire good, clean:

  • Trade Data
  • Market Data
  • Issuer Data
  • Analyst Data


EFADRIN captures trade data through integration with your prime broker into its intelligent Trade Blotter tool. Once your middle office has verified the trade they book into a validated data store at the click of a button.

Our Validation process insures:

  • internal consistency (eg: buying shares negatively impacts cash; the trade amount matches the quantity, price, exchange rates and fee entered)
  • portfolio consistency (eg: you can’t sell stock you don’t have, and you can’t receive a dividend on it either)
  • trade allocation by fund, strategy and any other attribute you prefer


Real-time market data from external sources such as BLOOMBERG is directly incorporated into EFAdrin modules in Excel.

Even if real-time data is not available (eg: you are viewing an EFAdrin module on the road, on a laptop without a Bloomberg Terminal) EFAdrin  performs regular data retrievals from services such as Bloomberg Data Licence, so you can view your portfolio with only a short time delay.

If needed, you can trigger this price retrieval process directly from within any EFAdrin module, ensuring recent data even without a real-time connection.

Portfolio Monitors

EFADRIN allows easy portfolio monitoring and analysis with:-

  • Portfolio Performance and P&L
  • Risk Monitors
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Any other spreadsheet you are currently using – we will automate it for you.

Adaptable To Existing Spreadsheets

EFAdrin was designed to be as flexible as possible and can therefore easily incorporate and work with your existing spreadsheets.
When your spreadsheets contain the required data, EFAdrin can be customized to fetch the necessary information, saving time and avoiding the process of having to manually input the information.

Enterprise Standardization

We offer a standard suite to get your portfolio going as quickly as possible. EFAdrin offers a systematic way of incorporating all your data and operations into standardised processes with drastic improvement of data integrity and retrieval speed.

Live Data Update

Excel spreadsheets are populated and updated automatically with live market feeds such as Bloomberg.Tracking the fluctuations of the current portfolio is instant with EFAdrin and can help you make adjustments swiftly to meet portfolio objectives.

Portfolio Analysis

Historical analysis of your portfolio is important for internal use, outside investors and regulators alike. Based on the EFADRIN validated data store, we can easily output into a variety of reports such as:
  • Performance Attribution
  • Return Decomposition Analysis
  • Turnover Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Stop Loss Analysis
  • VAR Analysis
  • Anything else you have previously created in a spreadsheet

Performance Analysis

At EFA, we believe that the power of good analytics is what drives performance.

The EFAdrin Performance Attribution Model reflects and explains performance decomposition in different markets and asset types. The system also allows users to evaluate the skills of management to provide added value relative to a benchmark.

Reconciliation + Reporting

The debits and credits associated with each transaction are appropriately allocated by EFADRIN models, and are balanced at the time of data entry. With such accurate data, EFADRIN is capable of extracting data for specific dates or time periods, providing the basis for the Reconciliation module. Once the reconciliation is complete, your investor factsheet is only a click away with all the charts and tables in it fully automated removing the need for tedious creation of the same by your team saving time and reducing potential errors.


Hedge Fund trading involves multiple parties,such as banks, brokers, custodians and administrators. EFAdrin can analyse and separate your data, providing reconciliation sheets fit to compare with your counter-party’s reports, for simplified comparison.


EFAdrin’s customization flexibility shines when it comes to preparing reports.
With EFAdrin, you can present the subset analysis that you want, the way you want it, over the time period that you desire.


EFAdrin is able to provide reconciliation reports through:
  • Daily Brokers Rec
  • Daily Cash Rec
  • Daily P&L
  • Monthly P&L
  • Administrator Rec

Who uses EFAdrin?

Portfolio Managers
Operations Managers
Investment Analysts
Risk Managers

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