EFA Platform

Modeling, Analysis, Authoring, Workflows, Content Re-use, Distribution, with Extensibility through APIs for your investment research

The EFA Platform is an award-winning, flexible, user-friendly platform solution that covers the entire financial research process, from modeling with strong data validation (clean data is important), authoring, through production workflows with full compliance integration, to distribution to research aggregators and CRM systems, and extensibility via our powerful APIs.

The EFA Platform is relevant to both buy-side and sell-side research teams, and can be rapidly configured to meet the most demanding requirements. Use of the platform improves efficiency and data quality, accelerates the research process, increases product competitiveness, and in a rapidly evolving research market place, it also allows reuse of your value-added content through alternative channels.


EFA Platform models are Excel worksheets, which can be placed in existing workbooks and linked to existing analyst models. Because the EFA Platform builds on Excel’s familiar environment, analysts face only a short learning curve. For those seeking to migrate off legacy systems, we can also typically automate model linkages to reduce overheads on your analysts.

Models and model items are maintained centrally by (in-house) administrators, who are provided with an extensive suite of tools to control the platform. Incremental changes to models propagate automatically to the analysts’models, allowing an evolutionary approach to your model complexity and an ability to adapt to changing norms. The platform has an extensive data validation toolset to ensure that all data is clean at the point of capture, ensuring higher quality output in your reports and lower overheads in checking research before it is released.

The EFA Platform leads the market in its high performance server side analytic capabilities, allowing fully normalized data comparison between companies, including on-the-fly solutions to even the most complex analytical questions. Access your data as tables or charts through our Microsoft Excel Query or Filter tools, as Linked Functions which hook your spreadsheets live to the database in easily built dashboards, or via our server side APIs, and make it available to your analysts, sales management and clients.


The platform builds on its extensive data capabilities to automate all required content into your research reports (or website), with fully automated peer comparison, disclosure and disclaimer generation, creation of compendium products, all with your house formats.

Your reports will have higher value, higher quality content, and look better when using the EFA Platform. You will achieve a far quicker time to market. Better and more responsive research should drive revenues. Further, we put you in control such that change costs for your report design and contents and web or mobile apps are minimized, making this the lowest TCO solution available.


EFA offers a powerful but flexible workflow solution, with extensive business logic operating quietly within the process, tracked approval chains and document versioning, and full integration with our compliance tools. On publication, we make available RIXML, pdf, doc, selective html content, and partial atomisation of the original content, either for distribution to aggregators, CRM, or for consumption via our APIs.

The EFA Server API

The Server API is intended to provide extensibility and sustainability to your business, with access to all metadata, company data, financials with full analytic capabilities, pre-defined exhibits, your research archive, and even the ability to drill down into selected elements of research notes to repurpose your story in new and different ways.


Implementing the EFA Platform is fast and painless and normally takes only four to six weeks.

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