Time is Money – interview with HKTDC

Time is Money – interview with HKTDC

Iain Reed was interviewed by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Iain Reed is Chairman and Co-Founder of EFA, as well as Founding President of the Hong Kong chapter of TiE, a worldwide entrepreneurship-fostering non-profit organization.

The interview covered Iain’s and Co-Founder Robin Hammond’s experience bringing their own enterprise to success, as well as the budding start-up culture in Hong Kong.

When asked about his own experience creating a start-up, Iain Reed mentions that the time it took to transform a great idea into a viable product. EFA managed to enter the market after being hired for a consulting job with HSBC and it was only after this project that EFA could hire staff and begin to create the EFA Team. After their first client, Nomura, licensed the EFA Platform, things became easier and the company more and more successful until the financial crisis hit in 2008.Through hard work and dedication Robin Hammond and Iain Reed led EFA to become the flourishing enterprise it is today.

EFA grew its team to 30 people internationally, and started diversifying its product range, creating a Portfolio Management System for Hedge Funds called EFAdrin.

After this experience, Iain founded the Hong Kong Chapter of the non-profit organization TiE in 2012, which has for mission to foster entrepreneurship. To this day TiE Hong Kong counts a total of 28 mentors, helping young startups with their book keeping, financial planning, business models and more.

In Iain’s opinion, Hong Kong is the perfect place to create a start-up, even better than London and New York.

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