EFA announces partnership with Quark Software to offer integrated data platform solution

EFA x Quark Software offer integrated data platform solution

HONG KONG – August 31, 2016 – Quark Software Inc. and EFA announced today a partnership to offer mid-to-top tier financial services firms an integrated solution for authoring, publishing, storing and analyzing financial data. Quark’s integration with the EFA Platform enhances Quark Investment Research Reporting Solution by adding sophisticated data management and analysis tools.

EFA, headquartered in Hong Kong, offers a research platform that captures, validates, and uploads analyst models to a database, making the models consumable across an organization. The EFA platform integrates with Quark Enterprise Solutions, including Quark Investment Research Reporting Solution, so analysts can access, update, track, reuse and manage the data from a central repository.

“Quark’s partnership with EFA allows us to offer financial services firms the best of both worlds: a sophisticated data management solution integrated with a Web-based authoring and content automation platform,” said Dave White, Chief Technology Officer for Quark Software Inc. “Together the solutions help analysts utilize the data and analysis provided by EFA to create, manage, and distribute multi-channel reports in a secure, transparent manner through Quark’s platform.”

Robin Hammond, CEO and Co-Founder of EFA, said, “Our integration with Quark proves the capabilities and flexibility of both highly complementary platforms. EFA’s data management, analytics, and content generation, combined with Quark’s authoring, workflow and publishing, creates the first truly enterprise level solution in the research space. The breadth of capabilities we can now offer in partnership clearly surpasses competing offerings, allowing firms to rethink their research content, distribution, and processes.”

Iain Reed, EFA Co-Founder and Chairman, added, “We are proud to be marrying Quark’s expertise and long track record in the content publishing space with EFA’s vision and technological ability to enhance financial analysis. Our respective technical teams have created a seamless full service offering for global research teams. Together we are confident than we make investment research more efficient and rigorous while creating opportunities for analysts to profit more from their content.”