Welcome to EFA, a leading FinTech solutions provider.

We have been creating investment research software and financial analysis technology for both sell-side and buy-side institutions since 2003.

Our mission is to make it easier for our customers to manage, better understand and leverage their financial data and related content.

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EFA Platform

The EFA Platform is the market leading, end-to end financial modeling, authoring, workflow, document management and distribution platform that delivers a clear cost/benefit win to your organisation.

It helps you create better quality, smarter research that will get your team noticed and hence drive revenues. We allow you to focus on the core competencies of your business by providing a platform that offers low cost and fast implementation, highly configurable and multi-lingual usage, full administrative suite and extensive APIs for downstream consumption of value-added content.


EFAdrin is our powerful investment process and portfolio management platform for fund managers.

Built on the technological foundation of our flagship EFA platform, EFAdrin is rock-solid and configurable to the diverse needs of the modern fund manager.

EFAdrin modules are designed to present the right analysis for each role in your hedge fund or family office. Furthermore, EFAdrin modules are highly customizable, and can be adapted to suit the individual needs and habits of the whole investment team from front office to middle office.

Software Consulting

As Analysts who get it, we are in a unique position of being able to help financial institutions with making technology decisions relating to all types of investment activities. Often off-the-shelf systems do not meet the needs of your team who end up crunching numbers in spreadsheets and databases. Since 2003 we have helped a number of both large and small banks and fund managers by building rapid prototypes of new systems based on pre-existing spreadsheets created by front office (non-IT) staff. We have always taken an agile approach to software development before anyone knew what agile was – to us it was just common sense in the fast moving world of investments.

The team at EFA are always delighted to discuss how we can help find solutions for financial institutions, asset managers and the broader financial community.