Our aim is to satisfy our clients' financial data needs with minimal inconvenience and expense. Our software products and consulting services are tailored to the specific needs of business with particular expertise in the financial services sector.

We are analysts creating solutions for analysts and  business professionals creating solutions for business. This enables us to understand business requirements quickly and with minimal disturbance to client teams. Many of our offerings are tailored to the specific needs of asset managers, research analysts, wealth management professionals, corporate finance bankers and consultants and their support teams.

Our strength lies in our combined business and technology expertise that allows us to develop intuitive solutions at an affordable price. The EFA Platform and EFAdrin have been engineered to cater to the most demanding needs of the largest global investment banks and hedge funds respectively.

Our financial and IT expertise, creative minds and flexibility have placed us in the privileged position of market leaders that we find ourselves in today.

We make managing financial data easier and more efficient.


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